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Along with the first Dual UHD gaming monitor, Samsung is also bringing the upgraded Odyssey Ark monitor and “Starfield” on Samsung Gaming Hub

The Odyssey Neo G9 57″ (G95NC model) and Odyssey Ark 55″ (G97NC model), two of Samsung Electronics’ most recent additions to its Odyssey monitor series, have been unveiled. Samsung Electronics is a world leader in the visual display market. The gaming monitors are on show at Gamescom 2023, the biggest computer and video game convention in the world, which takes place from August 23 to 27 in Cologne, Germany. The Odyssey Neo G9 57″ is currently available for pre-order worldwide.

“The gaming industry is always changing, and our most advanced monitor technology is essential for players to explore new worlds and give their best efforts. Our newest Odyssey monitors, which unlock the highest level of immersion and provide new experiences for gamers globally, further strengthen Samsung’s monitor leadership, according to Hoon Chung, EVP of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Gamescom is where the gaming industry will evolve. There is nowhere better, in our opinion, to display monitors of the future.

Odyssey Neo G9 57” Offers Gamers Next-Level Immersion and Specifications

The Odyssey Neo G9 57′′ (G95NC variant) is intended to provide gamers seeking to improve performance and strengthen their competitive edge with ground-breaking visual experiences. The Odyssey Neo G9 57″ has already won a Best of Innovation Award at CES 2023 thanks to the first Dual Ultra-High-Definition (DUHD) screen in the world and a variety of high-speed networking choices.

Users are wrapped in razor-sharp pictures and a broad field of vision thanks to the 1000R curvature in the 57″ 32:9 screen, which is as wide as two 32″ UHD displays, immersing them in their games like never before.

Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED lighting in the screen, which delivers more precise, smaller dimming zones, is powered by quantum matrix technology. As a result, there is a clearer difference between the light and dark portions of the screen, with less blooming.

Together with VESA DisplayHDRTM1000, the Odyssey Neo G9 57″ makes the most of its Quantum Mini LED lighting. HDR material appears rich and lifelike with accurate color and contrast reproduction, as well as increased color expression and depth, at 1,000 nit peak brightness.

To the extent possible, the gaming performance reflects the level of visual quality. reduced blur and reduced ghosting are produced by the 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms gray-to-gray (GTG) reaction time1, allowing players to respond quickly and secure victory while still experiencing a fluid gaming environment and thrilling gameplay. Additionally, AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Pro synchronizes the display for a steady, lag-free image.

The Odyssey Neo G9 57″ features VESA-certified DisplayPort (DP) 2.1 connectivity for seamless gaming, efficient video playback, and the Neo G9’s DUHD resolution of up to 240Hz.2 In addition to DP2.1, the Odyssey Neo G9 57″ includes HDMI 2.1 and a USB hub, allowing gamers to connect all of their gadgets and improve their game with less mess.

“Samsung is opening new doors for gamers by bringing DisplayPort 2.1 connectivity to their premium gaming monitor,” stated Scott Herkelman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Business Unit at AMD. Together, the new Samsung screens and Radeon RX 7000 Series graphics cards will produce the most lifelike and immersive gaming experiences yet. More bandwidth, quicker speeds, and faster refresh rates improve performance and visual accuracy in games.

Gamers can utilize the Odyssey Neo G9 57″ in place of many monitors, keeping their desk free of clutter and establishing a comfortable multitasking single-screen environment. It has a wide, high-definition screen and a novel input that defines a generation. Multiple inputs are visible at once in Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture modes, and the monitor uses Auto Source Switch+ to immediately connect to new devices without cycling through input sources. The display adapts to any setting and can be made to match the mood of the game with ambient lighting thanks to an ergonomic stand, Core Lighting+, and CoreSync.

Odyssey Evolves, a unique event, is being held in August and September as part of the Samsung Odyssey Twitch channel’s celebration of the Odyssey Neo G9 57″ launch. A $10,000 gaming setup that includes the Odyssey Neo G9 57 will be given away during the event, which will also include some of the top streamers playing the hottest titles on the Odyssey Neo G9 57.

Explore a New Frontier With the Upgraded Odyssey Ark

The Odyssey Ark, the first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen in the world, has undergone significant improvement. Samsung has improved the new Odyssey Ark based on player input, building on the popularity of the original Odyssey Ark. New features created for connectivity, simplicity, and performance will please gamers seeking the utmost in entertainment, in addition to the amazing picture quality, form factor, and professional-level gaming performance.

Gamers have an advantage thanks to the monitor’s 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms GTG response time, while Cockpit Mode’s vertical posture opens up entirely new worlds for them to discover.

The new Samsung Multi View, which enables users to view up to 4 inputs on the screen simultaneously, has been added as a feature to the Odyssey Ark (G97NC model).4 Additionally, it considerably improves the capabilities of split-screen, enabling players to have complete control and convenience on a single screen even when using external devices. Gamers may concentrate on the game at hand by using a single screen with many inputs to keep workspaces organized and clutter-free. Users can view input from three HDMI ports and the DP1.4 connection at once in the new Multi View. For high-quality entertainment, this new DP input can also accommodate broadcasts in 4K UHD.

In addition to serving as a personal gaming space, The Odyssey Ark now serves as a one-stop shop for all computing requirements. The Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switch feature5 that has been added to the Ark transforms it into a single command station for seamless multitasking across many devices. Now, users can utilize a single mouse and keyboard arrangement to handle all of the monitor-connected devices.

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